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We Deliver when others give up

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For a crack-free Internal and External plaster.

Welcome to Nishu.

Our company runs on this wonderful quote, "Quality is not an act, it’s a habit". Nishu Group has been into manufacturing quality construction materials since 1995.

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Nishu is known for pure and simplified innovations. Flooring is a market with constant demand for new products. Once again we have spread our wings with our new product line of Pavers, Tiles and Slab stones. We have the utmost expertise in developing new designs and looks for all your flooring needs.


Our Hollow and Solid blocks have been like pillars in the market for more than a decade. Many products came and went but Conbricks have always been an unconquered benchmark for other products. It’s a timeless building unit with very high strength and very low Water absorptivity.


Name Silpoz, rings a bell? The most acclaimed and admired plastering product ever to hit the markets is back with a new face. The only thing that has changed is Everything. Silpoz is the undisputed master in Plastering world. It has been creating flawless walls with cost effectiveness and speed since a decade.

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