Make the Indestructible


Constructing wall with Nishu’s Inter-locking block is like playing Jigsaw puzzle. Tongue and Groove system (Male – Female arrangement) on the faces of such block (shown in the picture) enables it to get and remain tightly connected with the next blocks in the vertical and horizontal directions without using cement mortar.

What happens to the symmetry of the wall when there is little variation in the length of i-Blocks? As mentioned in the brochure, there will be slight (+ or - 3 mm) variation in the length of the blocks. However, all other dimensions are machine-fixed. Therefore, in a wall, the horizontal joints / lines will be quite uniform but vertical joints / lines may be randomly distributed without any fixed boring pattern. This randomness increases the beauty of the wall as it draws varieties of configurations and designs on the wall without plaster.

Physical Properties

  • Minimum Compressive Strength: 50 Kg/cm2 (in accordance with IS 2185: 2005)
  • Water Absorption: < 6%
  • Density: 1680 Kg/m3
  • Weight: 9.8 Kg (220 thick), 6.7 Kg (150 thick) and 5.1 Kg (115 thick)

Available Size

  • Thickness (which decides wall thickness): 220, 150 and 115
  • Height: 115
  • Length: 230 (±3 mm)

Area of Application

  • Compound / Boundary wall
  • External / Partition walls
  • Load bearing walls
  • Foundation brickwork
  • Super structure


  • No mortar
  • No Curing
  • Simple and faster work
  • Cost effective
  • No plaster is required (especially on exteriors)
  • Attractive and Artistic look
  • Earthquake resistant. The successful trials have been conducted in laboratory for about 7 Richter scale earthquakes
  • Unskilled male/female laborers can also construct. Line-level is maintained automatically.
  • Lighter than red-clay-bricks
  • The wall can be easily disassembled and re-used for any application, as the blocks are of inter-locking type