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Percon Blocks

Percon by Nishu is made of Permeable or Porous or Pervious or No-fines concrete. It is a special type of concrete with a high porosity used for concrete flatwork applications that allows water to pass directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from a site and allowing groundwater recharge.

Percon is made using large aggregates with little to no fine aggregates. The concrete paste then coats the aggregates and allows water to pass through the concrete slab. It is traditionally used in parking areas, areas with light traffic, residential streets, pedestrian walkways, and greenhouses. It is an important application for sustainable construction which protects water quality.


Permeable concrete was first used in the 1800s in Europe as pavement surfacing and load bearing walls. Cost efficiency was the main motive due to a decreased amount of cement. It became popular again in the 1920s for two storey homes in Scotland and England. It became increasingly viable in Europe after the Second World War due to the scarcity of cement. It did not become as popular in the US until the 1970s. In India it became popular in 2000

Advantages of Percorn

  • Reduce Storm Water Runoff
  • Clean Storm Water
  • Replenish The Water Table/ Aquifers
  • Allow For Rain Water Harvesting
  • Reduce Urban Sprawl
  • Protect Trees
  • Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Eliminate Ponding Water

Maintenance Of Percorn

To prevent reduction in permeability, Percon pavements need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning can be accomplished through wetting the surface of the slabs and vacuum sweeping. Design the installation with minimal exposure to sediment from other areas. Minimize the level of flow concentration. Set up periodic testing for infiltration capacity.

Recommended Permeable Pavement

Application Thickness
Sidewalks & Trails 60-100 3
Residential Driveways 125-150 5
Commercial Driveways 190-225 10

Technical Specifications

Density: 1630 KG/M3

Porosity: 18 to 25% (Reduces with increase in Strength)

Shape & Size: As per separate sheet.

Size & shape sheet

60 Rectangle 100x200 2
Square 100x100 1
200x200 4
400x400 16
Zigzag 25000 MM2 3
80 Rectangle 200x100 3
Zigzag 25000 MM2 3
100 Zigzag 25000 MM2 3
Rectangle 200x100 3
90 or 190 Rectangle 390x190x90 11
125 or 190 Rectangle 390x190x125 15
125 or 190 Rectangle 390x190x140 16
125 or 190 Rectangle 390x190x190 16
100 or 150 or 200 Rectangle 200x150x100 5
100 or 150 or 230 Rectangle 230x150x100 6

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