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What is Silpoz®

Silpoz® is a unique product having a combination of Graded and Double Washed / Screened sand with Reactive Pozzolana eventually forming Quality plaster - sand to impart Techno-commercial advantages with great convenience.

Technical Details

  • Volume of 1 bag = 0.90 CFT (approx)
  • Bag weight = 40 kg (when packed)
  • DLBD = 1525 kg/m3 or 1.525 kg/litre
  • Packaging: HDPE bag
(Sand used will confirm to IS 383 -1970)
  • F.M. = 2.8 (+ or -) 0.2
  • Sand size = -3.0 mm to +100 microns
  • Silt = < 10%
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Chemical Reaction

  • During hydration of cement, Free Lime Ca(OH)2 is liberated which combines with CO2 in air to form harmful white crystals of CaCO3, popularly known as Efflorescence:
    Ca(OH)2 + CO2 = CaCO3 + H2O
  • The reactive silica in Silpoz® combines with the Free Lime and converts it into useful cemetitious C-S-H gel to reduce the usage of cement and avoid Efflorescence.
    3Ca(OH)2     +       2SiO2     =       C3S2H3
    Free lime       Reactive Silica       C-S-Hgel

How to use Silpoz®

Mix thoroughly 10 bags of Silpoz ® (40kg each) with 1 bag of cement (preferably OPC 53) and required water (90lit. approx) in a mixer to prepare a plaster mortar.This quantity of material will give a coverage of 185 sq.ft. for a 16mm thick plaster.

We recommend not to store Silpoz® under direct sunlight or rainfall. The packaging material may get damaged due to heat. And, the fines may get washed out if exposed in the rains.


  • Better workability is guaranteed.
  • Rich material imparts ease to masons to mix and use without rebound loss.
  • Thinner plaster guarantees much better coverage and crack-free surface.
  • No cracks are generated as additives reduce the Hydration Heat of cement.
  • Excellent for Internal and External Plastering.
  • Eco –friendly as Fly Ash is used in the product.
  • Available round the year.


Regular sand

  • Inconvenient to handle
  • Wastage of sand
  • Costlier
  • Quantity may vary in a mix
  • Poor quality plaster
  • Not available in monsoon
  • Disposal of unscreened sand is expensive

Silpoz® Ready mix

  • Very convenient to handle
  • No wastage
  • Economical
  • Easy to count No. of bags
  • Superior quality plaster
  • Available round the year
  • Empty used bags fetches money