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What is Silpoz®

Silpoz® is a combination of Engineered - Artificial - Plaster - Sand, Appropriate Additives to impart excellent workability and Cement Saver, used for a crack-free Internal and External plaster.

Technical Details

  • Volume of 1 bag = 1.135 CFT (approx.)
  • Bag weight = 50 Kg (when packed)
  • DLBD = 1525 kg/m3 or 1.525 kg/litre
  • Packaging: HDPE bag
(Sand used will confirm to IS 1542:1992)
  • F.M. = 1.8 (±) 0.4
  • Sand size = - 3.0 mm + 150 microns
  • Silt = < 20%
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How to use Silpoz®


Cost Comparision

Criteria Silpoz® River sand Ready mix
COST (RS.) 120/Bag of 50 kg. 100/Bag of 40 kg. 200/Bag of 40 kg.
APPLICATION 1 Cement : 8 Silpoz® 1 Cement : 5 Bags Sand Direct
CEMENT /BAG (RS.) 250 250 No additional Cement
TOTAL MATERIAL COST (RS.) 1210/- 750/- 200/-
EXTRA COST None Wastage & Handling High Storage cost & others#
COVERAGE* (SQ.FT.) 185 60 14
COST/SQ. FT. Rs. 6.54 Rs.12.50 Rs. 14.29

#Ready-mix is a product manufactured by drying sand, then mixing cement and additives. This process of drying sand is practically unwise and very costly. The mortar is ultimately brought to site and water is added again. Also the quality of cement used for manufacturing ready mix mortar is not guranteed sometimes. While in the stores, little moisture in the atmosphere could deteriorate the quality of ready-mix.

Other Comparision

Criteria Silpoz® River sand Ready mix
AVAILABILITY Round the year Seasonal Round the year
BRAND No.1 brand since years No branding Some branded
CUSTOMER BASE Presence with almost all
the builders of Mumbai
No such base Some have such base
INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL Highly trained brains
in the R & D
No R & D Not with all the brands
DISADVANTAGE None Illegality & poor quality Storage and handling.
illegal sand used sometimes.

Environment Impact

If we use River sand

  • Digging of the sand from river bed reduces the water head, reducing percolation of rain water in the ground, which result in lower ground water level.

  • The roots of the trees may not be able to get water due to lower ground water level.

  • The rainwater flowing in the river contains more impurities.

  • Erosion of nearby land and flooding due to excess sand lifting.

  • Disturbance due to digging of sand destroys the flora & fauna in surrounding areas.

If we use Silpoz®

  • All demerits of river sand are removed. Unwanted and hazardous waste of thermal power station, Flyash, is used in Silpoz® to protect the environment.

Manufactuing Setup

Group company owns huge quarries of stone to ensure uninterupted supply of sand in bulk through German VSI. Imported Sand washers, Weigh-batchers, Mixers and Packaging machines are used to manufacture Silpoz® @ 1000 TPD in the 1st phase.



If it is not in Silpoz®, it does not exist.
Persistent shortfall of legal river sand and pertaining shortage on quality of it, along with high cost and greater environmental effects, the only alternative emerging is Silpoz®. The Construction Industry shall start using it to full extent as an alternative to reduce the impacts on environment by not using the river sand or Ready-mix.