Make the Indestructible

VERSATA brick?

Versata is a lightweight or regular cement - concrete brick that can be used for versatile applications.

Where VERSATA should be used?

Versata can construct any type of wall. The replacement of Ordinary clay bricks by Versata will give techno-commercial benefits to the users. The dimensions of Versata are such that walls of thickness 4", 6”, 8” or 9" can be easily constructed by the proper arrangement of the Versata bricks.

Versata is costlier than red bricks?

No. It is available almost at ordinary brick’s price. Considering other advantages, Versata is a wiser choice.

Other Merits of Versata Bricks over Ordinary Clay Bricks

  • Accurate dimensions
  • Faster work
  • As Versata absorbs less water (<6%)
    • Its weight does not increase in monsoon
  • It does not absorb water from the plaster mortar to save it from cracks.
  • High Compressive strength (Regular Versata > 50Kg/cm2, Versata Regular > 35 Kg/Sq Cm and Ordinary bricks < 30 Kg/cm2)
  • Required roughness on the surface ensures excellent bonding between Versata and Plaster
  • Thin plaster (12mm) on Versata ensures crack-free plaster.
  • Plaster thickness cannot be less than 25 mm on ordinary bricks, which is not only responsible for the cracks in the plaster but also increasing cost on cement and sand.
  • Soil from the fertile land is used in the manufacturing of Clay bricks which disturbs the environment.
  • On the other hand, fly ash is one of the ingredients in the manufacturing of Versata to protect the environment.
  • Minimum wastage / breakage during transportation as Versata is a high strength bricks.
  • Versata is manufactured in the ISO certified state-of-the-art factory under the supervision of experts to ensure Quality and Quantity consistently. On the other hand, illiterate people without scientific approach make ordinary bricks.
  • Available round the clock. Ordinary brick is a seasonal product and difficult to get in monsoon.

Technical Data

Code-Size Quality Weight(kg) Bricks/(Ton)
(DENSITY – 2150kg/m3)
6.3 159
(DENSITY – 2150kg/m3)
7.5 133
  • VR-9 : 100 x 150 x 230
  • VR-8 : 100 x 150 x 200
  • VR-9 = 2 RED BRICKS
  • VR-8 = 1.75 RED BRICKS